Behind the Scenes at Funky Bow Brewery!

After waaaaay to long, we have finally filmed episode 3 of with the boys of Funky Bow Brewery in Lyman, Maine! If you haven’t checked them out yet, you are missing out. We got to hang out with father and son team Paul & Abraham Lorain, who started Funky Bow about a year ago. They showed us around their small, (but soon to be expanding) brewery and their organic salad green’s farm. Then we hung around for their weekly “growler night” where locals come to get their growlers filled and have an awesome time chumming it up with the Lorain’s. In this episode we also visited the guys of Drink’n Think’n but we don’t have photos from that, sorry. Then we visited The Little Tap House in Portland, to eat some amazing, locally sourced food and drink some Funky Bow beers with the locals. If haven’t been there yet, get on it! You won’t be disappointed!

Below are a few behind the scenes photos, shot by our talented photographer Stephen Phillips. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Stephen’s website for other great photography and Funky Bow Brewery in Lyman, Maine for some awesome beer and great times!