Behind the Scenes at Bissell Brothers!

If you’ve been waiting for a new episode of Local Brew then you’re in luck! We recently filmed episode 4 with Bissell Brothers Brewing in Portland, Maine! Matt got to hop on their manual canning line and can some fresh Bucolia. Then he talked beer with Noah and Peter Bissell, the brothers behind this amazing brewery. Then he jumped in the “Green Bastard” with their delivery expert Sniff, to help self-distribute kegs of Bissell Brothers beer. After dropping off loads of beer, Matt made his last stop at The Thirsty Pig in Portland, Maine, where he sat down with owner Allison Stevens. She talked with him about the fantastic handmade sausage they make, their commitment to Maine craft beer and their relationship with the Bissell Brothers. Then Matt dug into a sampler of their sausages, along with a tasty Bissell Brothers beer, which completely blew his mind. If you haven’t checked out The Thirsty Pig yet, you should. They always (well we’re assuming always) have fresh Bissell Brothers beer on tap and the sausages are outstanding!

There are some behind the scenes photos taken by the talented Stephen Phillips. Enjoy!