Allagash Brewing + The Great Lost Bear Teaser – Local Brew Ep5 – Coming Soon!

In our fifth episode, Matt Delamater heads to Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, where he meets brewer Evan Culver and helps brew a batch of Allagash White. Then brew master Jason Perkins takes him on a behind the scene tour of Allagash, including a special trip their wild barrel aging room, where he shows Matt how they blend Allagash beers. After that Jason shows me their Coolship, a special building used to add wild yeast to their specialty beers.

Then his beer tasting knowledge is put to the test on Allagash’s quality control panel. Next he sits down with the founder of Allagash, Rob Tod, to talk about the early days at the brewery. Then we head to one of Maine’s original craft beer bars, The Great Lost Bear, where Matt talks with bar manager Mike Dickson about their connection with Allagash and their commitment to supporting Maine craft beer.

Stay tuned for the full length episode, coming in 2015. Until then, check out our website and grab yourself a cold craft brew. Cheers!