About the Show

Welcome fellow TV watching, internet surfing, beer lover! You’ve found your way to the home of Local Brew - Maine’s first and only series about Maine craft beer. If you love a good brew you’ve come to right place. 

What is Local Brew?

Local Brew is a web and television series that takes you inside the world of Maine craft beer. Our bona fide beer loving host, Matt Delamater, is on an adventure to find and sample the very best craft beer in Maine. Each episode features a different brewery where we learn the story behind the brew. Matt takes us behind the scenes to discover who the brewers are, how their beer is made, and what drives them to create some of the best beer in the country! Our goal is to visit every brewery in the state. Along the way we’ll also be visiting local craft beer pubs, bars, restaurants, special beer stores, home brewers, beer tours and beer festivals to learn about the great things they’re doing for local beer!

Why Maine Craft Beer?

About a year ago we noticed that there was a lot of great craft beer coming out of Maine but no one was showcasing it. Being TV guys we decided to do something about that. We wanted to get behind the scenes at Maine breweries to see how their beer is made and meet the people behind these great brews. Every beer has a story and we want to find out what it is. With over 30 breweries in Maine, and more popping up everyday, we know there are some great stories just waiting to be told. Plus we love craft beer, Maine and people, so why not throw them all into one great series?

From the Creator

Nate Bowman, Creator and Executive Producerphoto
“This is a complete passion project for me. I created this series because I love Maine craft beer and I felt that it wasn’t getting the recognition that it deserved. There are a lot of people that enjoy beer regularly, but most of them drink mass-domestic stuff. I think they do so because it’s something they’re familiar with and it’s easy for them. However, I really believe if people watch a show about a brewery and see what that brewery is all about they’d be a lot more likely to branch out and try a different beer. I know when I see a documentary or show about something I’ve heard of but never tried, I end up making a connection to that product, which leads me to go out and buy it. That is the primary goal for this show – to get the people who don’t normally drink craft beer comfortable and familiar with the great breweries in Maine and give them a try.”